Corey Jones' family calls for prosecutors to "swiftly prosecute" the case

Posted at 9:17 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2019-03-07 09:47:46-05

Attorneys representing the family of Corey Jones are calling for the State Attorney’s Office to "swiftly prosecute" the case.

The local drummer was shot and killed back in October 2015, and former Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Norman Raja is charged in his death.

This call for action came nearly 2 weeks after prosecutors released hundreds of files of discovery, including that AT&T roadside call that captured the entire shooting.

The Jones family spoke publicly on what would have been Corey Jones 33rd birthday.

“I miss those times that we had personally,” said Corey’s father Clinton Jones Sr. “Friday was our day. He came to work with me."

Mr. Jones broke his silence for the first time since the audio recording was released.

“It’s just too painful, to look at something like that and hear it,” said Jones.

Jones told reporters he couldn’t bare to listen to the entire audio of his son dying, but attorney Benjamin Crump could.

“It left no doubt that [Raja] used excessive force and that he lied,” said Crump. “You heard with your own ears the way he responded to Corey when Corey said “I’m good.”

That’s why the Jones family want prosecutors to keep pushing forward, arguing the criminal charges against Raja are just the first step toward justice.