Last-minute rush for holiday shoppers

Posted at 7:34 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 19:35:37-05

The countdown clock is ticking for those who haven't got everything on their list for Christmas.

At the Palm Beach Outlets, Monday, the crowds weren't too large.

According to Reuters, only 17% of Americans still have things to buy for Christmas.

Lisa Cody is one of those getting some last minute gifts.

She said the key to last minute shopping is making lists and listening to those you're shopping for.

"Yesterday my mom mentioned that she needed a new clock radio-- so I captured it on one of the lists so I know what I'm going to be getting her as one of her gifts," Lisa says.

She says the crowds at the outlets weren't as bad as one might expect.

She believes it's because many people did their shopping online.

"With the online deals that were out there that were pretty aggressive, it's really not surprising to me at all. I think people are able to do a lot of shopping from their homes or their desks," Lisa says.

Malls in our area are extending their hours to keep up with the demand for last minute shoppers, but many are closing early on Christmas Eve.

For those getting last minute gifts, they're in store for some sales.

Across the Palm Beach Outlets, stores featured "sale" signs, with some offering up to 70% off items.

"Christmas snuck up on a lot of people this year. So everyone's out, trying to grab that last minute thing or find that thing that sparks interest for somebody else," says Meghan Detro, manager of Dress Barn.

For those who haven't finished their shopping yet, she suggests buying gift cards.

That way, the person receiving the gift card can buy exactly what they want.