Christmas gifts for 7 children stolen from home

Posted at 8:45 PM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-15 20:45:28-05

Two families living under one roof in West Palm Beach say their Christmas is ruined after someone broke in and stole all seven of the children's Christmas gifts.

"I'm heartbroken. That is the only thing my kids had. We struggled to get them. I'm a single mom and this is very hard," Yesenia Diaz, the mother of three, said.

Diaz is also battling stage four cancer.

"I just got diagnosed with cancer. I need this to build memories with my girls," Diaz said.

One of the children is on the autism spectrum and her iPad she needs to for therapy was also stolen.

"It is terrible. You know, kids look forward to opening Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. She was a victim of a crime and now she has no Christmas gifts," West Palm Beach Police Officer Angel Vargas said.

Vargas and other officers are asking for the public's help getting the family more Christmas presents.

"We are working together. We want this family to have a happy Christmas," Vargas said.

Despite losing all her the gifts, the mother has this message for the burglar: "I hope you needed them. I hope your kids needed them more than my kids did. I forgive you. But I will never forget it because you stole from my kids.”

If you would like to help, West Palm Beach Police are collecting gifts at the police station. Just drop gifts off there and they will be taken to the family.

Among the gifts stolen was an XBox 360 and an iPad.

Here are the ages and names of the children:

Reinaldo 15-years-old
Matthew 13-years-old
Melody 11-years-old
Marielis 10-years-old
Ayesha 8-year s-old
Giovanni 2-years-old
Mileila Carney  age 1