School's inaugural chalk art festival held

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 19:28:46-05

Fifty students participated in a first of its kind event at Forest Hill High School Friday.

The event allowed students to create whatever they wanted on the sidewalk of the school with chalk.

The person behind the event is junior Alex Alfeo.

"It's just more fun when everyone gets together and you can do the same thing," Alex says.

Alex asked her art teachers months ago if they could do the event at their school.

Melissa Reese is one of the art teachers at the school, and says it was difficult to turn down the idea.

"There's lots of kids on campus that for one reason or another don't have art. So this is a great way for those that don't have art in their schedule to be able to come together and do it," Melissa says.

Alex has been involved in chalk festivals across the country, including the Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth.

"It gives me an opportunity to meet  a lot of people around the world and to see different places and just for the fun of it," Alex says.

She will be participating in the annual festival this year in Lake Worth.

Samia Alamgir was one of the students taking part in Friday's event at Forest Hill High School.

She says the event gave her a break from the daily demands of school.

"I actually feel very exhilarated, especially with the cold weather, I'm able to focus on this and it's making me kind of happier," Samia says.

But she says, just like in the classroom, she had to learn something new during the event.

"I'm more of a sketching type of person. I love to sketch with colored pencils. You can't really blend with chalk, it's a little difficult. But I learned that I can layer it, so I can get a better effect."

A winner was chosen among the dozens of artists, and that person was given new supplies to help create new works of art.

The teachers hope the event will happen again next year.

"I think sometimes when you say to kids 'We're going to do chalk art' they picture stick figures on the ground. I don't think they were prepared for how amazing these look so I think next year it's going to be bigger and better," Melissa says.