Cell phone video shows woman running in front of Chinese motorcade Friday

Posted at 6:50 PM, Apr 07, 2017

After spending two days meeting with President Trump, the President of China is now headed home. However, his stay drew large numbers of demonstrators.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office confirms deputies arrested six people, all for running out in front of the Chinese motorcade.

One of those acts caught on camera Friday morning.

In the gut-wrenching video, you can see a woman attempt to run in front of the Chinese motorcade, but a deputy is able to tackle her to the ground and take her away.

“Just unbelievable. It’s crazy,” said Cristina Rodriguez. She and her friend Hilda captured the tense seconds on her cell phone.

“I couldn’t believe it. She just jumped out in the middle of the street and the cops were in danger,” said Rodriguez.

That woman was not alone in her attempt to disrupt the Chinese president’s motorcade the last two days.

Our cameras were rolling Thursday when deputies detained and hauled away another man.

The sheriff’s office arrested six people in total, all of them accused of running out in front of the Chinese motorcade.

"In my view is highly unusual. I haven’t seen it before in this situation,” said Dr. Robert Lloyd a professor of political studies and international relations at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Lloyd says, while we don't know each individuals motivations or their mental states, this action isn’t something we normally see.

He says the demonstrations we’ve seen are common whether related to religious persecution, human rights or even Tibet independence.

“There’s an opportunity in this country to protest and to make our views known. In China, it’s much more controlled over the ability for them to express themselves freely and for the press to convey that,” said Lloyd.