App used to report city issues frustrates some

Posted at 8:32 PM, Jul 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-29 20:32:27-04

It's free, and users simply put in a location for the issue, then type in a simple description. The complaints are then routed to different city departments within a short time.

However, downtown West Palm Beach resident and host of Inside West Palm Beach radio show Barry O'Brien became frustrated with the app after weeks of reporting a problem no one was fixing. Just around the block from his condo, an entire block of street lights have been out on Fern St. between Dixie and Quadrille.

O'Brien submitted five different complaints, never hearing back. He only received a reference number, and the lights went unfixed.

"I'm just kind of wondering why," O'Brien said. "Maybe they don't check the app anymore." 

A call to the city clarified that the lights were out because of a construction project down the street. However, O'Brien never would have known, because he didn't receive any kind of a response.

A spokesman for the City of West Palm Beach says there's no way of responding to residents on the app, and many times, issues that have been fixed still appear unfixed on the app because the city doesn't pay a fee to access the app from its end. The city spokesman assures all of the complaints do come in, and many are fixed, however.

The recommendation: Anyone who files a complaint on the app should call the city with the reference number sent back, in order to find out if the issue has been dealt with.