Aldo Alvarez, the mentally challenged man shot by a PBSO deputy, was denied bond Thursday morning

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Aldo Alvarez, the mentally challenged man shot by a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy, was denied bond Thursday morning.

Alvarez will have another hearing in a couple of weeks. At that time his attorney will have another opportunity to request bond.

"This is not what we wanted. We wanted Aldo to come home," Alvarez's mother Anna Alvarez said after the hearing.

According to police reports, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua McGehee shot Alvarez when he says he was attacked in his driveway.

Alvarez and McGehee live on the same street.

According to the newly released probable cause report, Alvarez approached McGehee in his front yard asking, "Are you new to the neighborhood?"

The report says McGehee tried to end the encounter, even attempting to shake Aldo's hand. But the report says Alvarez started raising his fists and making angry faces.

After asking him to get off his property, investigators say Aldo continued to come at the deputy. The report says Alvarez backed McGehee into his garage, and the deputy said, "Sir, I will shoot, get off my property."

The report says Alvarez responded, "You put that gun away, I don't have to get off your property,"

The report says there was an "attack" and the deputy shot multiple times.

"Aldo would never hurt anyone. He is not violent and likes all deputies," Aldo's father Raul Alvarez said after court.

Raul Alvarez says his son suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

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