Accused teen 'doctor' offered plea deal

Posted at 6:16 AM, Apr 20, 2016

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. The state is offering a teen accused of posing as a doctor a plea deal.

Malachi Love-Robinson appeared in court Wednesday.

Deputies say Love Robinson worked at New Birth New Life Medical Center, at 4700 Congress Avenue, and was practicing without a license.

An undercover agent says he was arrested after trying to perform a physical on her, and Love-Robinson also offered medical advice.

Love-Robinson said all the charges were just allegations when he spoke to NewsChannel 5’s Michelle Quesada. He also said he ran a legitimate business meant to offer a holistic medicine alternative for people.

Love-Robinson is also accused of grand left and forgery. An 86-year-old woman claims Love-Robinson defrauded her after a series of visits to her home to treat her for severe stomach pain.

The state has made Love-Robinson an offer of 3 years in prison plus 5 years probation. A court date was set in June to discuss whether he will take the offer or go to trial. If he turns down the deal, his trial is set for July 18. \

However, if he goes to trial there is always some risk of facing a harsher punishment, according to News Channel Five's legal analyst Michelle Suskauer. “He is certainly facing a significant amount of time in prison if he loses. And the judge can sentence him to much more than what he’s facing now with this negotiated settlement.”

Love-Robinson wouldn't comment on the deal or the case after today's court hearing.