A look at the timeline for medical marijuana implementation in Florida

Posted at 7:03 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 06:18:11-05

Seth Hyman says his daughter Rebecca is his motivation for Amendment 2.

“Rebecca was born with a severe genetic disorder. She doesn't walk, she doesn't talk,” he says.

He says severe epilepsy is taking years off her life.

With Amendment 2 passed now, however, he says she and thousands of others in Florida can get access to the medicine they need.

“My daughter hopefully in the near future, will have a broad array of medical marijuana options that she never had before,” he says.

The Amendment expands on already existing medical marijuana laws here in our state.

Right now cannabis is only available to those with a limited number of conditions and the terminally ill.

The amendment will expand the law to include those with AIDS, cancer, Crohn's disease and other debilitating conditions.

Folks here in the sunshine state will have to wait a little longer to find that relief, however.

Hyman works at the law offices of Kelly Kronenberg, which is helping businesses and potential patients navigate this upcoming medical marijuana landscape.

The legislation goes into effect on Jan. 9, but he says it's only the first of several steps.

The next deadline is June 9.

“The Florida Department of Health must create regulations and propagate rules within the language of Amendment 2,” he says.

Sept. 9 is the last milestone.

“Sept. 9 is when the state has to get everything ready,” Hyman says. “Will medicine be available that date? Probably not. But by that point everything should be in the process so that medicine could be available in the coming months thereafter.”

Hyman says as we count down to that final deadline it's best to do your research, whether you're a potential marijuana business or a potential marijuana patient.

“You need to do your own due-diligence and find out whether or not this is the right medicine for you,” he says.