911 dispatchers honored this week

Posted at 8:07 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 04:30:26-04

Local dispatchers are being honored during National Public Safety Telecommunicators' week.

This week, 911 dispatchers across the country are being acknowledged for their efforts to keep us all safe.

Dispatchers at the West Palm Beach Police Department say they deal with all kinds of situations, from a child getting lost to an injured officer. And they often hear unusual stories -- including one driver who called about a snake!

Janis Lasalaise, a dispatcher for 19 years said, "She's like, 'Oh my gosh.' So she pulled over, the snake was actually on the hood of the car, and then trying to crawl in through the ac vent."

Another dispatcher, Cathy Widdoes told us, "It pretty much is a thankless job. In most cases we don't always get the outcome, we don't know how some situations come out, it's a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride daily. And then they call in and you do feel like wow, I really did help that person."

Telecommunicators' week is April 10 through April 16.