PBSO opens internal affairs investigation after video shows off-duty deputy pulling gun on biker

Posted at 5:52 PM, Sep 02, 2016

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is having its Internal Affairs Division watch the video above to determine whether any policies were violated when an off-duty officer pulled his gun on a motorcycle driver.

The incident occurred around noon Tuesday, when Adrian Mitchell was driving his motorcycle east on Forest Hill Boulevard.

The video shows that he was going faster than the cars he was weaving between. At one point, he passes a school district security vehicle and looks back several times.

According to a statement released by PBSO's public information officer Teri Barbera, Detective Sergeant Darren Curci was observing Mitchell's driving. When Mitchell came to a stop, Curci pulled in front of the motorcycle and got out of his marked pickup.

In the video, as Curci approaches the bike, Mitchell begins to walk it backwards and revs his engine. At that point Curci pulls his gun and Mitchell drives away.

According to Barbera, an open investigation is being conducted on several traffic violations.