Wellington voters choose 'Yes' to amendments

Posted at 7:28 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-16 08:09:24-04


A majority of Wellington voters chose "yes" on questions one and three on the local ballots.

Those behind the amendments claim they'll protect the equestrian preserve, which spreads across much of Wellington.

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Question one allows landowners to become a part of the preserve while question three prohibits the addition of condos and hotels.

Gerwig becomes new mayor

In the mayoral election, Councilwoman Anne Gerwig defeated incumbent Bob Margolis. 

Both sides spent tens of thousands of dollars in attack ads.  Gerwig said she is glad the race is over and hopes this doesn't scare away other qualified candidates from running for public office.

"I'm hoping that we can put this behind us and not have any campaigns like this again. From now on, (I hope) people feel like they can step up and not have a really negative campaign," said Gerwig.


Wellington voters choose their mayor, council member and decide the outcome of three amendments during Tuesday's election.

Anne Gerwig is running against incumbent Bob Margolis.

Both spent tens of thousands of dollars while campaigning for this race.

Ads for each candidate could be seen across Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

"A lot of nastiness going on in all the ads. All over the TV. I'll be happy when it's over," said Holly Grossman of Wellington.

She said her mailbox has been flooded recently with ads from all the candidates and the three topics on the ballot.

"We get mail every day. For everything that says 'vote no' there's another that says 'vote yes.' It's very confusing," Holly said.

Questions one and three have been featured on ads as well.

Question one read: "The original Charter makes no reference to the Equestrian Preserve Area. The proposed amendment would recognize the Equestrian Preserve Area in the Charter and permit landowners to apply to be voluntarily included in the Preserve Area upon majority vote by Council."

Question three read: "The present Charter contains no restrictions on land uses within the Equestrian Preserve Area. Shall motels, hotels, condo-hotels and apartments be prohibited within the Equestrian Preserve?"

But signs for both answers to these questions were confusing, according to some voters.

Signs that say "vote yes" on one and three say "Save the Preserve," while signs that say "vote no" on amendment three also say "save the preserve."

The ads, some residents said, have brought negative attention to Wellington.

"A lot of people who live in Lake Worth have been asking me, 'What's going on in your area? What's this thing with the 'vote yes,' 'vote no' and all the negative publicity that it's gotten?'" said Joe Grossman.

Michael Drahos and John Greene were also in the running during Tuesday's election.

The two are vying for council seat 1, a position that Greene already has.