Stables could replace inactive golf course

Posted at 10:28 AM, May 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-22 18:05:19-04

Plans have been submitted to village leaders in Wellington to change what was once a golf course into a place for equestrians to keep their horses.

The current property is a golf course, but the property's owner wants to put nine stables in its place, housing dozens of horses.

David Kaiser has lived in the community for more than ten years.

"You made an investment, you spent a lot of money to live in Wellington and what you thought you were going to live around is now being asked to change dramatically," he said.

He added that the golf course hasn't been in use for at least a decade, but he enjoyed having the empty green space surrounding his home.

"It was a golf course and that's what people bought into when they bought here. They bought it as if they'd have a golf course all around them, not horses," he said.

He said he would consider moving if the plans are approved.

"Of course with the horses and stables come manure and flies. And there will also be people to maintain the horses living on site," he said.

There are also concerns over privacy, according to resident Monika Valencia who lives right next to where the development would be located.

"We came all the way here, and bought here because we wanted to be in a residential area not in an equestrian area," she said.

She added that it seems like the developers aren't concerned about how current residents feel about the project.

"It's just someone who made an investment and wants to get a return on their investment without thinking about the people who are directly affected," Monika said.

Not everyone is against the project though.

Jean Oberg just moved to the community six months ago and says she support the plan.

"You're not talking about horses that go trail riding. These horses don't go trail riding. These horses are for show. They come here for 12 weeks, and then they move north," she said.

Jean said she's been an equestrian for most of her life, and is excited about the possible new additions.

"You can go into any one of these barns and the barns don't smell. They treat the horses like a person," she said.

The developers met with residents and members of the homeowner's association this week and Jean was in attendance.

She said the developers seemed open to hearing residents' concerns.

"They were very open. They said they were going to be our neighbors. And they want to be good neighbors. I have to believe that they're going to be good neighbors," Jean said.

The developers did not return our calls for comments.

According to the mayor of Wellington, it would take at least a year for the plans to be approved.

The zoning for the location also has to be changed, she said.

The mayor suggests residents who are opposed to the changes voice their concerns to village leaders.