Donovan Stratemann: Teen polo player killed is remembered

Posted at 7:38 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 19:54:33-05

17-year-old Lucas Arellano will cherish his friend Donovan Stratemann forever.

"We pretty much have grown up our whole life together," said Lucas.

He has baby pictures of the two.

"He was a really good person... we never really fought. He was nice and always had a smile on his face," he added.

But now Lucas is mourning the loss of his friend. Donovan tragically died last week during a polo match. Donovan and another player somehow collided while on their horses on a private field. Donovan fell off his horse.

Lucas' father, Julio Arellano said, "Nobody expects to have to bury their child."

But Donovan will not be forgotten any time soon. The teenager's favorite hangout place, Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Wellington, is remembering him. 

"He used to come in here like three or four times a week and order one specific smoothie which would be the Sunny Day," said the manager of the cafe, Anthony Brown said,

In memory of Donovan, the "Sunny Day" smoothie will be called the "D-Man" until Sunday, February 26.

"The Wellington community is close and we know the customers, we know them by name. We knew him by his face and now I'm not seeing that face of his and that's going to be difficult," said Brown. 

Lucas already misses his friend.

"He was very funny and had a very contagious smile," he said.