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Ben the 'recovery cat' helping pets recover from surgery in Wellington

Posted at 12:44 AM, Feb 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-17 00:44:27-05

In light of everything that has happened in the last couple days, here's a story that will leave you with a smile.

When you take your pet to the veterinarian, you expect a doctor, a person, to care for it. And what if that care came from another animal?

A cat in Wellington has made a career for himself doing just that.

Ben may look like your ordinary cat but he has an extraordinary job at Dr. Mark Planco's veterinary office in Wellington.

"He's our recovery cat," said Dr. Planco. "What he does every day still amazes us." 

Ben has assisted Dr. Planco for the past nine years of his feline life, treating hundreds of animals. When patients come out of surgery, they're often cold and nervous and that's when ben goes straight to work. It's unknown where Ben developed this instinct but he started comforting animals when he was only one-year old.

"He lays on them when they're cold, he nudges them if they're not waking up quick enough. You know, he's self-taught," said Dr. Planco.

Ben's latest patient on Friday was a neutered goat. At first, Ben was more interested in the camera but eventually he cuddled up with the goat to help keep it calm.

"It's just an instinct he has, it's amazing," said Dr. Planco.

Ben has lived in Dr. Planco's goes office since he was first brought there nine years ago as a two-day- old kitten. Dr. Planco said someone dropped off Ben and his brother, another resident cat named Jerry,  and never returned.

"Him and his brother were less than a pound combined. They were very sick, he had mange," said Dr. Planco.

Cats, dogs, goats, even a baby pig, Ben has helped them all during his career. Dr. Planco is sure that Ben's work is far from done.

"That's his job," he said.