A week after teen's death - still no suspect

"God must have had a special purpose for Dalton"
Posted at 11:39 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 23:39:10-05
It's been nearly a week since 17-year old Dalton Dobkins was found shot dead in his apartment in Wellington. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office still has no suspect(s).
On Tuesday, family and friends came together at the Palms West Funeral Home to say goodbye to Dalton. 
“God must have had a special purpose for Dalton," said Dalton's uncle Randy Dobkins." 17 years with us was all God was able to give.”
Randy Dobkins said he wanted to start the interview with WPTV by reading a statement because he was afraid he couldn't get through it otherwise. 
"We're trying to come to understand how such a tragedy could happen," Dobkins said. 
At the service, people were wearing different shades of blue.
“Dalton was a fisherman and our thought was that blue is the color of the ocean and he loved to fish and we wanted to remember him that way," Dobkins said. 
A tragic loss that has family members still waiting for answers. 
“The family just needs closure," Dobkins said. 
Since the suspect(s) has not been identified yet, many residents in the gated community where it all happened remain scared. 
“They have no leads, they’re not even talking to us about it," said Donna Martinez who lives in the apartment across from where Dalton was shot. "I’m moving out.” 
Last Wednesday morning, she was in her apartment when it happened. 
“I heard the gunshots," Martinez said. "I looked out the window and then I came outside.”
She said she didn't see Dalton but she saw his father. 
“He was crying, he was screaming. He was trying to help his son, stop the bleeding,” Martinez said. 
Martinez said since then, security has been increased at The Estates in Wellington. 
For Dalton's family, the search continues. 
“We know that he is going to be caught. We know," Dobkins said. "The main thing I want the community to do is not give up."
If you have any information call the CrimeStoppers tip line at 800-458-TIPS. You can remain anonymous and could receive a $1000 reward.