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Trash collection will remain twice a week in unincorporated Palm Beach County

Posted: 7:12 AM, Aug 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-29 13:00:56-04

UPDATE: Trash pick-up will remain twice a week in unincorporated Palm Beach County. Yard Waste regulations will remain at 6 cubic yards weekly.


EARLIER STORY: Palm Beach County Commissioners, acting as the Solid Waste Authority Board, are expected to vote Wednesday on a trash collection change that has many people raising a stink.

SWA is considering changing trash collection in unincorporated Palm Beach County from twice a week to automated/semi-automated service once a week.

That would also require homeowners to use a larger, 96-gallon garbage can. That’s about twice the size of what most people currently use.

Many homeowners, including more than 100 communities in the Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations, are against the move.

They worry about the smell in the garage as garbage collects over the course of a week, and also physically moving a trash can that large.

The Solid Waste Authority says the change would adjust the work week for haulers from six days a week to five, as service on Saturday would be eliminated.

SWA says this would help attract more workers, something they are having a hard time with right now.

If the change passes, it would take effect in October 2019.