The search for fuel and food after Hurricane Irma

Power is not the only problem as people emerge from their homes or their Irma shelters. 

The rush is on for supplies for everything from fuel to food. 

First people focus on finding gas. 

"I’ve been waiting in line now for 40 minutes to get diesel fuel," said one driver at Wawa Tuesday morning. "They just ran out of gas."

Then the focus is on finding food. 

"I can’t eat any more chips," said Alyssa Cordani.   

"I’m just trying to get supplies at this point. Food stuff. Like I ran out. I’ve been eating cans  and it’s so salty and I just wanted to get some real normal food," said Ashlee Mclymont.  

Then finally, the search on for supplies to deal with Irma’s aftermath. 

We found Home Depot packed with customers leaving with everything from rakes for debris, coolers for food and tools to fix damage left behind.

"Just looking for support beams for the fence postings and they don’t have any left," said one customer.

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