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SWA: recycling cardboard boxes correctly important for county

Posted at 6:39 PM, Dec 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 18:39:11-05

It's called the Amazon effect. Online shopping and package delivery businesses are booming. Which means the cardboard boxes are adding up.

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County says it's important to make sure to recycle properly. 

Throwing a box in the trash can end up costing the City of West Palm Beach money.

Willie Puz is the Director of Public Affairs. He told WPTV recycling the right way this holiday season is crucial.

"Take your paper, take your cardboard use your cards, put them in your yellow recycle bin," he said. 

If not they can end up in the landfill, which can cost the city money. Right now SWA sells the recycled materials and they split the profits with the city. The actual trash is burned to ashes and put in the landfill.

"So by residents recycling right they're helping us save our landfill space so we don't have to put another landfill in Palm Beach County," Puz said. 

He estimates Palm Beach County has a couple of decades before the conversation to add a landfill comes back up. 

Other counties around the country haven't had the same experience. With more people shopping online that leaves more materials to dispose of and if it's not done correctly it can cause problems. 

For example, Puz said you shouldn't mix a pizza box with a moving box.

"Take that bottom part and throw it away because that grease and cheese will contaminate the other paper and the other cardboard which will make us receive less revenue for that recycled product," he said. 

SWA says garbage collection will resume the day after Christmas. They will also collect on New Year's Day starting at 6 a.m.