Student attacked, fight recorded on cellphone

Posted at 4:06 PM, Sep 09, 2016

Two juveniles are in custody after a girl was attacked and it was recorded on a cellphone.

It happened Wednesday near Palm Springs Middle School shortly after classes ended.

The 8th grade victim had just walked off campus on Kirk Road near Forest Hill Boulevard, when she says a girl started to hit her.

In the background on the video you can here a couple of students yelling as the victim fell to the ground.

The victim's mother, who did not want to be identified, called 9-1-1. She says the video makes her sick. 

She says she barely sleeps after seeing the video and her daughter doesn't want to go back to school.

She said on the day of the attack she called her daughter like she always does to tell her she was on her way.

"When I call her, I hear ‘mom, mom.’ And I thought it was a car accident."  But the mother says she heard her daughter and she sounded hysterical. When she got there, she was told someone beat her daughter.

"My daughter in the video…that really hurt her. She said ‘mom, you have no idea how I am feeling.’ "

As her daughter tries to heal physically and emotionally, police say in situations like this, bystanders need to call for help rather record the incident.

"We ask people rather than stop and video what they see, call us, call a parent call the police department,  call the school police. There are police officers all around, rather than take the time to sit there and video- tape it, because we basically have children at risk because they are in a fight,” said Edgar Morley with the Palm Springs Police Department.

Two teens face simple battery chargers.

Police say it appears one of the teens hit the cellphone out of the victim's hand.

A third person could also be charged.