Test backlog adds to growing concerns over Zika virus

Posted at 6:51 PM, Sep 16, 2016

Friday the Florida Department of Agriculture announced that more mosquitoes in Miami Beach have tested positive for the Zika Virus.

The sample comes from the same section of Miami Beach where four other mosquito samples tested positive.

On top of that, the number of travel and non-travel related cases continues to grow. Friday, the health department announced two more non-travel related cases under investigation in Miami Beach. 
However, those are not the only concerns when it comes to Zika. There is now a growing concern over a backlog of Zika test kits.

Many pregnant women have reported waiting up to five weeks for their results.
It’s a familiar and scary reality for soon-to-be-mom Abby Garcia. She says doctors gave her a Zika test about two months ago. She never found out the results.
“They made me put a mask on and stay in the room. I said okay this must be serious.”

Garcia said she wasn’t that worried at the time because she hadn’t been outside of the United States and her symptoms went away.
“It went away so I didn’t think I should ask,” said Garcia.

However, Garcia says now she will be asking for her results, especially with the growing number of locally transmitted cases of Zika in Florida.

Despite growing concerns, some medical experts say speeding up the test results will not have a major impact for most patients since there is no treatment for the virus. 

The governor has said they are sending down more help. Seven techs from the CDC to help with testing and lab work. However, Governor Scott is still calling on the federal government for the funding.

Friday, Scott announced that he has allocated another 10 million dollars toward the fight against Zika. 

Some believe the backlog was caused by Governor Scott offering free Zika tests to pregnant woman.