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Royal Palm Beach mother flies to Los Angeles to search for answers in daughter's disappearance

Posted at 5:24 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 11:37:12-05

Lynda Santamaria has flown to Los Angles from Palm Beach County to push for answers in her daughter’s disappearance.

27-year-old Leah Rose Altmann was last seen in August.

Leah’s now is now one of the hundreds listed in California’s missing person’s database.

“Things have just changed all last week where they have now as of Friday upped her case to “critical, high risk,” said Santamaria. “[They] took my DNA. They are going to look for her dental records."

Santamaria spoke with us via Skype from California. She flew there to speak face-to-face with LAPD detectives to push for more information in her daughter’s disappearance.

“They asked me for specific information, so I realized what we feel is most important is now going to be checked.”

Altmann, a 27-year-old Palm Beach County native, moved to L.A. to pursue music. However, about a year ago communication started to dwindle.

Her mother grew so concerned, she reached out to her daughter's L.A. roommate.

The roommate told Lynda that Leah left their apartment on August 28th with a backpack and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

“There’s still no banking, no sighting, confirmed sighting and no contact,” her mother said.

Initially, Lynda said because of where Leah was living and who she was hanging out with that she feared her daughter could be a victim of human trafficking.

“I almost think since I know more now, I fear it more now. It seemed more surreal or far-fetched initially.”

Lynda said she’s been trying to raise awareness online and on the streets of L.A., but the hardest part she says is not losing hope.

“I think it’s horrible not to be hopeful for all the people helping, but it’s easy to worry, fear the worst.”

WPTV did speak with an LAPD detective over the phone who has been involved in Leah’s case. He said they have classified the case as an active and open missing person's case.

He said they will pursue any leads they get.