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Local moms have mixed reactions to Pampers plan for a smart diaper, the Lumi

Pampers this week announced a line of smart diapers that it says will track a child's urine -- but not bowel movements -- as well as sleep.
Posted at 11:53 AM, Jul 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-25 11:53:46-04

ROYAL PALM BEACH - Tired of checking to see if your baby’s diaper is wet throughout the day? There’s about to be an app for that. Seriously. Pampers plans to release a smart diaper this fall.

The Lumi is a diapering system that includes a sensor placed on a diaper, a video monitor and a phone app. Pampers says the idea is to track a baby’s sleep and urine patterns in order to help establish routines.

“I think it’s cool that we can do new things to help people who need the extra help,” says mom Jamie Zimmelman.

Other parents at Luv 2 Play in Royal Palm Beach on Monday shared concerns about the technology and security. Mom Nataly Alvarez fears the sensor on a diaper could be a safety risk. “I don’t know how I feel with her sleeping with a sensor and knowing it can get wet.”

Sharing personal information on the app also concerns Alvarez. “We get hacks all the time on personal info. How do we know that’s not going to happen to our children with sensors in their diaper,” she wonders.

Pampers says the app stores a baby’s name, date of birth, gender and 24 hours of video from the monitor. A company spokesperson tells CNN “We take privacy and security very seriously. Only Lumi by Pampers account holders with their valid credentials will be able to access their baby’s data.”

First grade teacher and mom Kristen Santiago has a 2-year-old son in diapers. She thinks it’s an interesting concept, but wonders about potential developmental issues. Early communication for a baby is often crying when they’re wet or uncomfortable. “The development of him telling me when it’s time to go to the bathroom,” she said, “if I know automatically, then it would take out him telling me.”

A company representative tells WPTV they’re running an invitation-only test program now. She did not have a specific nationwide launch date, but says the Lumi system is expected to be available in the fall. Pricing isn’t finalized.