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Surfers help rescue two people after massive waves sweep them into the ocean

Posted at 6:44 PM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 05:23:16-05

Two people wrapped up by massive and dangerous swells were rescued in the Lake Worth Inlet Tuesday morning.

Witnesses say it happened near the pumping station. A man and a woman standing on the beach were literally knocked off their feet by a massive wave that swept them over the jetty and into the water.

Steve Rosenzweig witnessed the whole thing. He rushed to call 911 as a nearby surfer sprung into action.

“He just didn’t even think twice about it. Luckily he was here and he went right in,” said Rosenzweig.

The surfer helped until the Coast Guard and sheriff’s office arrived.

"People are not aware of what the strength of the water can do to you," said Rosenzweig.

Meanwhile, watching and filming this whole thing unfold from above was Adam Byerly with ShoreBreak Photography.

“I heard these sirens, so I look towards the port and I see a sheriff and a coast guard approaching the mouth of the inlet at a very high rate of speed,” said Byerly.

Byerly points to the swift action of every involved into the rescue for saving the man and woman.

He says it’s a harsh reminder to use extreme caution on rough water days like Tuesday.

“I have seen all types of people get hurt in these types of conditions. It can be fisherman. Spectators. It can be surfers.”

The couple was taken into the Riviera Beach Marina where fire rescue was waiting to respond.