Missing Riviera Beach father's remains ID'd

Posted at 12:44 AM, Sep 11, 2015

The family of 79-year-old Merit Jordan has its worst fear realized.

Thursday, police confirmed remains found in the Corbett Wildlife Preserve back on September 4 belong to Jordan.

The remains were found not far from where his burned out car was discovered in July.

“It hurts because it's my dad,” says Merit’s son Michael. “Not only that, that's my best friend.”

Michael is still coming to terms with a loss he says came too soon.

“It still seems so unreal, but I have to deal with it the best way I can,” he says.

The press release from Riviera Beach police Thursday was short on details, but Jordan still has a long list of questions.

“Closure has come, but there is still not to me the total closure because I want to know what happened and why.”

Why, he asks, was his father's body found only now - months after police began their search.

“2 miles from the car, and you searched when it was first could you just find him now, sixty something days later?” he questions.

“It’s not to be disrespectful, it's not to say a person is not doing their job. I deserve an answer. It's my loved one who is no longer here.”

Maybe the most important question – how Merit’s life ended.

Police are ruling nothing out.

“I definitely think that someone took advantage of him and his kindness,” Michael says. “I definitely believe that.”

Jordan said it would be a horrible end for a man so many looked up to. 

“Grandkids, children, great-grands, sisters, brothers, aunts, cousins...he was just that type of gentleman.”

Michael says he'll make it his mission to have that legacy remembered.

“I will not stop until I find out why.”

We're still waiting on the official cause of death for Merit Jordan.

Riviera Beach Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Michael says he hopes to speak with investigators in the coming days about his father's death.