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SolarTech Universal in Riviera Beach adding more jobs

Posted at 5:51 PM, Dec 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-14 08:54:03-05

In Riviera Beach machines are at work manufacturing solar panels.

SolarTech Universal plant manager Paul Roraff said more people are turning to solar energy. "We are reducing our carbon foot print on the planet, and allowing people to gather energy from sunlight that normally hits their house that can power their house.

"Solar allows the heat that normally heats your house to be converted into energy, so instead of using electricity to cool your house, you're just converting that light directly into energy," said Roraff. 

The company plans to hire about 50 people. "We are looking for people that understand manufacturing, understand good work ethics, a friendly environment," he said.

Alex Hobson with the Solar Energy Industries Association said, "What that results in, is jobs like the ones you are seeing today. So over the last five years, if we look back, Florida has added 5,000 solar jobs. It's been an incredible growth point for the state and that's going to continue."

It's an economic boost for the warehouse in Rivera Beach.

"These are well-paying jobs, these are STEM jobs. These are jobs that pay above median wage. Great growth for this entire market," Hobson said.

The company plans to hire more workers close to the beginning of next year.