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Riviera Beach investigation: Meet Brian Scheuble

Posted at 8:41 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-18 04:42:08-04

It's been a month since Riviera Beach City Manager Jonathan Evans was fired and the community is still waiting for answers as to why. 

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A WPTV investigation has revealed several things and as we continue to look for answers, we are learning new facts and new faces in the web of the Riviera Beach saga.

One of them is Brian Scheuble. 

On Sept. 20, during the city council meeting where Evans was fired, he had some pointed words against Evans. 

“You failed the people of Riviera Beach," Schueble said on Sept. 20.

Scheuble is a friend of Alex Freeman.

Freeman hoped to replace the retiring Clarence Williams as police chief, but Evans told Freeman he was not qualified for the position. 

Scheuble does not live in Riviera Beach. 

On Oct. 10, he arrived together with Freeman to the news conference of Police Chief Williams to support the chief. 

Sources say Williams wants to become the next city manager and wants to make Freeman the new police chief. 

After the news conference, WPTV reporter Wanda Moore caught up with Scheuble. 

Reporter: "Could you tell me what your role is? Why are you here today?
Schueble: "Pardon me?"
Reporter: "Why are you here today?"
Schueble: "In what sense? Oh. You weren't aware. The chief held a press conference."
Reporter: "I know, I was there." 
Scheuble: "Oh you were there."
Reporter: "I was wondering why you're here. Because you don't live in Riviera Beach, right?" 
Schubele: Long pause "I'm a bit confused. What are you saying?"

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Asked if he could explain why he made a passionate speech against Evans on Sept. 20, Scheuble said he wants to wait until the next city council meeting on Oct. 18.

"I'll tell you what," Schueble said. "I'm going to be at the meeting next Wednesday and I'll share a few words as well."

WPTV also asked Schueble why he had a prepared speech on Evans' firing, when the city manager's future was not on the public agenda.

This is what he said on Sept. 20: “Even on your way out you owe the city of Riviera Beach an apology.”

Scheuble said he didn't have any prior knowledge of Evans' firing. 

Reporter: "Would you like to see the chief as the new city manager?"
Scheuble: "Um, as the city manager? I don't care who is the city manager."
Reporter: "You cared that Evans wasn't the city manager."
Scheuble: "I cared what he was doing." 

Schueble never offered any specifics about what Evans was doing that upset him so much.