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Judge gives Riviera Beach 24 hours to answer claim why Jonathan Evans was fired

Posted at 8:52 AM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 19:06:08-05

A judge has given the City of Riviera Beach 24 hours to produce the documents city councilman Terence Davis said he had, that show why he made the motion to fire city manager Jonathan Evans on Sept. 20.

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On Sept. 20 Davis motioned to fire Evans for cause but did not disclose the reasons why he wanted the city manager gone. 

“I will not give any specifics on what was done," Davis said on Sept. 20. "But there was a series of things that were done that really put this City in a bad position. And we have the documentation and information to also support that information.”

On Tuesday Judge Blanc made clear, that documentation is public record. 

“I’m pretty clear on what you’re asking for," Blanc told Tradrick McCoy who filed the lawsuit against the city. 

But the city's position was just the opposite. 

“I’m not a hundred percent sure what Mr. McCoy is asking for," Christy Goddeau, an attorney representing the city, said. 

The judge clarified the request, even quoting Davis, and ordering the city to give the documents McCoy wants in the next 24 hours. 

“The city is clear (on the request)," 
Blanc: “Well, no. You were telling me the city wasn’t clear before and now you’re telling me the city is clear.”

Goddeau responded saying the city will again send McCoy the minutes to the council meetings. 

Judge Blanc said that's not good enough. 

“So, when Mr. Davis said 'I have documentation', the documentation that he’s referring to is nothing but those meetings?" Blanc asked. 

“I have no idea what Councilman Terence Davis (is referring to),"Goddeau said. 

Judge Blanc countered: “But he’s your client, correct?” 

After the meeting, Goddeau refused to answer questions. 

Neither the city attorney, the city clerk, nor Davis showed up in court. 

McCoy said he is happy with the judge's ruling.

“I do believe they (the city) are hiding something or there is nothing at all and it was personal," McCoy said. 

Story updated to clarify that an attorney for Riviera Beach was in court to represent the city.