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Riviera Beach City Council holds special meeting to discuss mold

Posted at 7:38 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 01:54:31-04

City leaders met for a special council meeting Monday night to discuss the on-going mold issues now reported in three of the city’s buildings.

The meeting was at the Riviera Beach Marina Event Center because the council chambers are closed because of the mold.

Last Friday, we learned from the Police Benevolent Association that the mold was also an issue at the Riviera Beach Police Department.  

City Manager Jonathan Evans told us the mold in the pictures given to the PBA has already been taken care of and remedial actions continue.  

“We’re hoping to correct those issues so it doesn’t continue to be a problem,” said Evans. “But we’ve also had the more substantive conversation with the elected officials to look at long term solutions for all of our municipal facilities.”

While the two council members who called the meeting were not available to comment before the meeting, the mayor tells us he believes the city staff is taking swift and corrective action. 

“I have full confidence that our city manager, that he is going to do whatever’s necessary to make sure that the public health and safety of all employees are protected,” said Mayor Masters.  

"Thank you for your service Mr. Evans. You came in here on March 20th of 2017. This is no secret here about these sick buldings in this city here. They knew about it!" said Riviera Beach resident Mary Brabham. She was one of dozens of residents who voiced their support for Evans in a public setting Monday night.

Before the meeting, an anonymous flier claimed the city council was trying to sack Evans.

"It doesn't have a name to it. It doesn't bring any credibility. And our residents deserve better," said council member Terance Davis, who called the meeting. He says the special meeting was for transparency and accountability.

"Create a big comprehensive plan," he says of the ciy manager. "Put it in writing and give us something that we can study and give our constituents a report back to because up until today, we have no plan on writing."

Evans told us he'll have a plan done in the next 10 days.

Davis wouldn't say if he supports the manager but Mayor Masters did again, after the meeting.

"The people have full confidence in our city manager. It's just shameful. This man has been treated very disrespectfully in the last few months. He's been talked to like he's a child," Masters said after the meeting.

"I'm not worried about my job because you do the right thing, good things happen and it all works out," Evans said during a recess. "And if the council decides to move in another direction, than that's their decision."

Masters tried to call for a vote of confidence in Evans, but council declined to bring it to a vote.

Evans will present his plan in September before city council.