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People are asking for city manager to come back in Riviera Beach town hall

Posted at 12:29 AM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 10:08:42-05

During a town hall meeting on Thursday night, Riviera Beach community members once again expressed their outrage over the controversial firing of their city manager.

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Even seven weeks after Jonathan Evans was fired by council members Terence Davis, Lynne Hubbard, and Dawn Pardo, the demands to get him back are not dying down. 

“He is what this city needs,” one resident said. 

Many in the community say they can’t forgive and forget. 

“We need to get rid off those three (council members),” one resident said. “And the people that come in, going forward, need to be held accountable.”

On Sept. 20 Davis, who motioned to fire Evans for cause, said he had proof to support his allegations of misfeasance. 
“And we have the documentation and information to also support that,” Davis said on Sept. 20.

But on Wednesday, he admitted in a sworn affidavit that he does not have documents. 

“He gave a sworn document to the court that effectively said that he’s lying,” Singer Island resident Norm Adams said. “This is our government.”
Mayor Thomas Masters said he is not surprised by Davis’ statement. 

“I have never seen any evidence of misfeasance,” Masters said. “That’s what the motion was, that’s why Mr. Evans was fired. We still don’t see the evidence.”

Tradrick McCoy, who filed the lawsuit against the city, said Davis’ response is not sufficient and he’s going to ask the judge for an evidentiary hearing. 
Members of the community have so far gathered 2,400 signatures. They need 2,200 to recall the three city council members. 

It was also the first time the new interim city manager, Karen Hoskins, answered questions by the community. 

Many wanted to know if she is going to stand up against the city council members. 

“I have already entered DROP, meaning I’m actively retired,” Hoskins said. “So, no I’m not afraid to say no.”

The city manager has the power to fire the chief of police. Hoskins said she is not planning on taking any action after 98 percent of voting officers said they do not have confidence in Police Chief Clarence Williams. 

“I’m just here for the 90 days,” Hoskins said. “I’m a public servant. That’s it.”