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PBA revokes previous endorsement of Councilwoman Dawn Pardo

Posted at 7:43 PM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 04:43:42-05

The Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association sent a letter to Riviera Beach Councilwoman Dawn Pardo, revoking their previous endorsement. 

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The letter states: “Decisions that you have made since the endorsement have left us doubting your vision.”

The letter “completely revokes the permission for use of the Association’s name on any candidate literature.”

This, after Singer Island residents received a flyer for Councilwoman Pardo's re-election, stating that she had the support of PBA.

“She did not have the endorsement,” said PBA President John Kazanjian. 

He said a meeting with Pardo in June might have left her confused. 

“We gave her a check but we didn’t give her the official endorsement,” Kazanjian said. 

A lot has happened since June in Riviera Beach. 

Kazanjian said Pardo’s decision to vote with council members Lynne Hubbard and Terence Davis to fire City Manager Jonathan Evans upset many police officers. 

“I really think it’s a conspiracy that was going on what happened to the city manager and trying to make the chief the city manager and Pardo was part of that,” Kazanjian said. 

Kazanjian said PBA members were hoping Pardo would take an active stance against Riviera Beach Police Chief Clarence Williams. 

“I think they felt left out by the councilwoman,” Kazanjian said. 

Riviera Beach Police officers voted 67-3 that they did not have any confidence in Williams. 
But city officials, including Pardo, did noting about it. 

Kaznajian said of all the police agencies he deals within Palm Beach, he gets the most complaints from Riviera Beach.

“The morale is really low,” Kazanjian said. 

PBA has invited both candidates for that Riviera Beach city council seat for an interview. Then, they will decide if they’re going to endorse Pardo or her opponent Julie Botel. 

Pardo’s campaign said she was under the impression she had PBA’s support but that she’s looking forward to the candidate screening next week.