No swimming at Peanut Island affects vacation plans, businesses

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 23:22:38-04

No swimming at a prime location for boaters and families on one of the busiest weekends of the year, puts a damper on vacation plans and businesses.

A precautionary no-swim advisory has been issued for Peanut Island because of blue-green algae.

The park will remain open for public use and boaters this weekend, but swimming is the main reason people enjoy the island.

"It's just a bad situation, hopefully they're going to get it taken care of," says Jim McClung of West Palm Beach.

Anthony Brown visiting from Georgia, is second guessing snorkeling tomorrow close to the island.

"I don't know how it will affect me," says Brown.

Dean Ernst, owner of Paddle Away Sports had to cancel his snorkeling tour for his customers tonight.

"This is one of my favorite events to host, so I was just as disappointed as them," says Ernst.

He hopes this is the last no-swim advisory he hears this Summer.

"Issue has progressed. Doesn't seem that its been addressed the way it should. Hopefully moving forward, they do something about it because it's going to affect a lot of small businesses in the area."