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Mentoring young people to stay away from violence

Posted: 6:19 PM, Jul 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-23 18:19:15-04
Mentoring young people to stay away from violence

Dan Calloway says he has mentored kids for more than 50 years. The recreational center is named after him. He says the recent shootings are upsetting.

"It's the most horrible thing that I can go through. Last week in the span of 48 hours we had two murders."

Last week there was a town hall meeting, but two days later another shooting Sunday night.

Calloway says encouraging the youth to make good choices and not turn to violence-- adults investing in each child's life.

"Good leadership, visibility with the police officers," he said. "You have to do it in the different areas in park and everything and on holidays and different times like that and have a cookout, mingle with them."

He says community leaders and parents should not give up.

"Always believe that we can win, it's only 10 percent of the people are bad, 90 percent of the people are good." Police had increased patrols, but say they had to scale back a little. Rose Anne Brown said,

"We ran two shifts on one day, that means that every available person was utilized every day. You can't sustain that because people have to have rests."

The police department says the community policing unit is going door to door talking to residents. In the end, hoping to build relationships and solve the recent shootings.