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Hundreds of Riviera Beach employees did not get paid Friday, city leaders blame bank

Posted at 12:01 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 22:34:46-04

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla.-- Over 500 of Riviera Beach City employees, including police and firefighters, didn’t get paid Friday.

“I was heartbroken, I was upset,” said Riviera Beach employee Catina Jordan.

Employees looked at their bank accounts Friday morning only to see they didn’t get paid.

"They are very upset and they're afraid because they're not able to take care of their family and bills are piling up,” Jordan said.

Jordan said she and her colleagues did not let that get in the way of their duty as emergency 911 operators.

“We still came to work, whether we got paid or not,” Jordan said.

Councilwoman Julia Botel said she got a call from a firefighter in the morning and immediately went to eh Finance Director, Randy Sherman.

“Mr. Sherman told me without question that this was a problem with the bank that this was nothing the city did,” Botel said.

Botel says the issue has since been resolved and employees should see their paycheck come through soon.

“I checked right before I left work to see, no, no deposit yet,” Jordan said.

As Jordan and other employees are patiently waiting for their money, they also want an answer.

“We want to know what happened,” Jordan said. 

Sherman and the city have a clear answer.

“This was a problem at the bank,” Botel said. “This was nothing the city did.”

In a statement to Contact 5, TD Bank is firing back, saying bank officials acted quickly to “resolve an issue to the city’s submission of its direct deposit payroll file to us.”