Hearing set for Riviera Beach voter fraud suit

Posted at 11:32 AM, Apr 27, 2016

A civil suit alleging voter fraud during a Riviera Beach City Council race is moving forward.

Wednesday morning Lynne Hubbard disputed allegations brought by incumbent Bruce Guyton. Guyton argues that three absentee ballots casts by relatives of Hubbard should be thrown out.

In a suit he says there is proof that Hubbard’s nephew and two brothers don’t live at her house, as listed in their voter registration.

“I would not waste my time, the court’s time or Ms. Hubbard’s time if I didn’t have the evidence that I thought would prove the fact that they do not live there,” Guyton said.

The two candidates are headed for a runoff May 17th. During a recount, the ballots revealed a tie.

If the allegations are true, Guyton says the runoff should be canceled and he should be declared the winner.

Hubbard says the allegations are untrue and that her relatives do live there, they receive bills at her house and even list her address as their place of residence on their driver's license.

“They don’t sleep there every night no, but they live there for all practical purposes,” Hubbard said.

The opposing side will have a chance to prove their case at a formal hearing planned for May 9th.