'Give me the baby': Man accused of trying to kidnap toddler in Riviera Beach

Posted at 8:53 AM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 12:36:02-05

Authorities say a man jumped off his bike and tried to kidnap a toddler out of a stroller in Riviera Beach.

Citing a police report, The Palm Beach Post says 39-year-old Rene Ivan Raudales followed a woman, a 13-year-old child and a 2-year-old child strapped into a stroller after they left a Riviera Beach convenience store Wednesday.


The woman managed to get inside her home along with the two children, but when they reemerged several minutes later, the woman says Raudales was still there and tried to unbuckle the child, saying "Give me the baby." One of the alleged victims then struck the suspect in the face with the stroller.

Police say Raudales was arrested after first attempting to flee. He said he had no recollection of the incident.