'Unity' barbecue in Riviera Beach creates controversy

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - The International Association of Firefighters chapter in Palm Beach County put together a 'unity' BBQ in Riviera Beach on Sunday, but the event itself created controversy among council members.

The flyer for the event said it was held by council and the fire fighter's union, but the mayor and Chairwoman KaShamba Miller-Anderson were not informed about it until after the flyers were already sent out. 

Miller-Anderson took to her Facebook page and said she would not attend, calling the event a "charade". 

"I will not be apart of some fake event to lull the community into forgetting what was done," Miller-Anderson wrote on her Facebook page.

Council member Terence Davis, who motioned to fire City Manager Jonathan Evans on Sept. 20, refused to answer what his reasons for the firing were.

"I’ve given a reason out," Davis said. "It’s unfortunate that some reporters just choose not to report it. I don’t want to distract from what today’s about to discuss that issue. That’s an issue that’s been done with. He’s been given a reason. It’s unfortunate that folks are not passing that information on."

Community members have so far gathered 1400 signatures to recall Davis, Lynne Hubbard, and Dawn Pardo, who voted to fire Evans. 
In order to start the recall process they need 2200 signatures. 

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