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FPL constructing solar power hub in Riviera Beach

Solar hub expected to be completed mid-2022
FPL evolution hub artist mockup
FPL evolution hub artist mockup
Posted at 6:07 PM, Nov 17, 2021

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — Florida Power and Light is expanding solar energy. The company is installing nearly 18,000 solar panels at their new evolution hub right off I-95 in Riviera Beach.

It will produce five megawatts, and it will feed into the main energy grid, making it a microgrid.

"It will also charge the batteries and EV trailers on sight. Then in an emergency, the microgrid will leverage the energy storage to supply backup power to our facilities," said Andrew Sutton, FPL spokesperson.

FPL says the goal is to eventually roll the idea out on a greater scale so that we could potentially build microgrids for entire neighborhoods.

"Especially in South Florida, where we’re such a vulnerable location, any implementation of solar solutions is fantastic," said Raul Vergara, owner of Cutler Bay Solar Solutions.

Vergara said his business provides more than 2,000 homes with solar panels and on average, produces more than 40 megawatts of electricity every day.

FPL evolution hub artist mockup
An artist's mockup of what FPL's evolution hub will look like once completed.

Vergara said he supports solar, but he says you don't have to go through FPL to get it.

"The power that I am generating is enough to power my house. It is being stored and shared through the cloud and through the utility lines with the other homes who need it. Solar is definitely a solution," said Vergara. "It is a solution I see the homeowners having more and more tools and agreements with utility companies to share that power to become more beneficial for everybody."

FPL said they support solar in every way, shape and form. The evolution hub is expected to be completed before mid-next year.