EXCLUSIVE: Riviera Beach police chief won't say why he was at meeting discussing former city manager

Posted: 12:05 AM, Sep 29, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-29 19:13:39Z

The Riviera Beach city manager was fired last week without any given reason. 

According to sources, several community leaders held a meeting at the Hurst Chapel regarding the firing of Jonathan Evans. Those in attendance were mostly in support of Evans getting fired, so the sources.

NewsChannel 5 saw about a dozen cars pull up at the church around 6 p.m. 

Our reporter saw Councilman Terence Davis, who motioned to fire Evans, walk into the church as well as Riviera Beach Police Chief Clarence Williams. 

Councilwoman Lynne Hubbard was also at the meeting, altohugh not at the same time as Davis. 

After the meeting,  we asked the police chief what the meeting was about. 

Here is part of the transcript:

Chief Clarence D. Williams: “I don’t know anything about the contents of the meeting. And why would walk up to the police chief and ask him…”

Bruce Guyton: “He just arrived.”

Chief Clarence D. Williams: “Yeah I just arrived.”

Reporter: “Oh you just arrived? Because we saw you walk in earlier.”

Chief Clarence D. Williams: “I’ve come and gone. And you couldn’t have seen me.” 

Reporter: “And you don’t know what this meeting was about?” 

Chief Clarence D. Williams: “I have no idea. You have to ask someone that was in there.”

Reporter: “So you just happen to be here?”

Chief Clarence D. Williams: “Yeah.”

Reporter: “And you have no idea what anyone was talking about?”

Chief Clarence D. Williams: “I have no idea.”

Former Councilman Bruce Guyton was also in attendance. Guyon has pleaded guilty to Sunshine law violation in August.

While several ministers where at the meeting, the minister at the Hurst Chapel said he was not at the church at the time. 

Elvin Parker III said he has no idea what the meeting was about or who was there. He said many people rent space at his church. 

"I don't micromanage," Parker said.