Developer receives addresses for property he plans to turn into floating community

Fane Lozman continues to battle with Riviera Beach
Posted at 6:45 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 18:46:07-05

Plans for a community of houses on stilts above the water off Singer Island took a big step forward.

The developer now has addresses for his properties. But Fane Lozman said this latest win won’t be his last battle with the city of Riviera Beach.

“They didn't give me an address because they didn't want me to develop my property,” Lozman opined.

He said Riviera Beach leaders didn't like his idea for a floating community. So he took the issue to court.

Last week a judge ordered Lozman receive addresses for his five properties.
“Now I’m going to proceed forward with getting electrical service, water service out here, garbage pick up,” Lozman said with a smile.

The next step is getting permits to start the building process.

Lozman is no stranger to taking the city to court. In 2013, he won a US Supreme Court case that ruled that his floating home docked at the city’s marina was not a vessel, but in fact a house.

Lozman continues to run into issues with the city. About one month ago crews from Riviera Beach cut mangrove and sea grape trees on his property. 

“It is disgusting and they went too far,” said Lozman standing next to stumps on his property.

In a report, investigators from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection wrote the work the city did went beyond the definition of "trimming" and the city violated rules by not getting a permit. 

Employees from DEP supervised a clean-up effort Wednesday. The city will have to submit a restoration plan.

Lozman dreams of the day when people living in homes above the water will have a great view of a shore full of trees.

With the addresses, Lozman estimates it will take him 12-18 months to get the permits necessary to build the homes he has planned.