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Controversy doesn't die down after new Riviera Beach interim city manager is hired

Posted at 7:15 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 19:15:28-04

After six weeks of turmoil, the Riviera Beach City Council has finally hired an interim city manager. 

The unrest started on September 20 when council suddenly and without explanation voted to fire Jonathan Evans. 

Troy Perry, the man the council asked to serve while the city searched for a new city manager, decided to quit. 

Then council hired James Poag sight unseen. He decided not to take the job after a WPTV investigation revealed Poag had been arrested for domestic battery in 2005 and was fired from the Village of Wellington in 2016.

Karen Hoskins will now take over as interim city manager. 

Hoskins has been with the city since 1988 and currently works as the assistant financial director. 

Hoskins has no experience as city manager but she said she has what it takes.

"I'm comfortable,” Hoskins said. “I know the processes."
But she was clear that she will not apply for the permanent position. 

“I’m not interested in the permanent position,” Hoskins said .“Just 90 days to transition. That's it."

Even with an interim now in place, frustration in the community is not going away. 
"Our voices are still not heard to bring Mr. Evans back,” one resident said. 

The recall effort to remove the three city council members who voted to fire Evans, is in full swing. 

Those leading the effort say they have gathered 1,700 signatures. They need 500 more by November 13. 

Amon Yisrael has been a key figure of the recall effort. 

During a meeting last week, Councilman Terence Davis, who made the motion to fire Evans, lashed out against Yisrael, referring to his white turban as a “white rag around his head”.

"The gentleman that came before us with the white thing on his head, I won't even mention his name,” Davis said. “The gentleman with the rag around his head. And I'm not talking to everyone in the room, I'm just talking to the man who had that thing wrapped around his head."

Davis called out Yisrael again during Wednesday’s meeting.