City attorney intercepts release of documents regarding firing of Riviera Beach city manager

Posted: 8:33 PM, Oct 02, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-03 09:08:28Z

Monday afternoon Tradrick McCoy thought he was close to learning the reasons behind the firing of former Riviera Beach City Manager Jonathan Evans.

McCoy had filed a public records request, as had NewsChannel 5, asking for the reasons behind Evans' firing to be made public.

McCoy received an email from the city on Monday: “Mr. McCoy, please be advised that your request is available for pickup at the front desk of the clerk.”

But when McCoy got to the city clerk to pick it up, he did not get the documents.

“They told me that it's in the hands of the city attorney’s office, and it’s been intercepted by the city attorney’s office,” McCoy said.

McCoy also filed a lawsuit against the city, demanding the reasons to be released.

The judge decided that the city has until Wednesday afternoon to respond. 

In another piece to the puzzle, NewsChannel 5 has now learned who owns the driveway that is subject of an internal investigation. Evans had asked for the audit after he learned that Councilwoman Lynne Hubbard used public funds to pave the private driveway.

Dorothy Bullard, who owns the driveway, said she was just as surprised as anyone else. 

“I never asked for a new driveway,” Bullard said. 

She said she simply asked for help with a drainage problem and suddenly got a new driveway.

“I’m being used a pawn in their political situation and it’s not a nice situation,” Bullard said. 

Bullard is the former mother-in-law of Alex Freeman. 

Freeman applied to become the next Riviera Beach police chief.

Freeman said Evans had promised him an interview for the chief position. 

During the last community meeting Freeman got emotional. 

“I deserved an opportunity to sit at the table for an interview,” Freeman said. 

Evans said he was simply not as qualified as the other candidates. 

Freeman was also attending the meeting at Hurst Chapel on Thursday night, which Chief Clarence Williams also attended.

Williams told NewsChannel 5 on Thursday that he didn’t attend the meeting, although our reporter saw him enter the building two hours earlier.

On Monday Williams confirmed that he was at the meeting but that he was there to protect people and could not give out more information about the invitation-only event, since he needed to protect law enforcement strategy.

He confirmed that the meeting was by a group opposing Jonathan Evans. Williams said it was meant as a healing meeting and to find a way for the community to move forward. He said he did not organize the meeting and did not want to reveal who organized it. 

NewsChannel 5 also learned about another Freeman connection. During the council meeting when Evans was fired, Brian Scheuble spoke up against Evans. 

“Jonathan Evans answers only to Jonathan Evans,” Scheuble said. “He represents the interests of only Jonathan Evans.”

According to public records, Scheuble does not live in Riviera Beach. 

He has been a supporter of Freeman during his campaign for sheriff.