Boaters see smaller Independence Day crowd at Peanut Island, but no algae

County lifted no swim advisory for island Saturday
Posted at 7:01 PM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 19:07:37-04

A lot of Floridians spent Independence Day on the water. At Peanut Island, boaters said there was a smaller crowd than usual. But no sign of blue-green algae which was spotted there last week.

Tow Boat US Captain Craig McCarter said he spends nearly every day on the water.

On a boat at mid-afternoon Monday, he said this is one of the smallest crowds he's ever seen at Peanut Island for Independence Day.

There are fewer boats, but no obvious signs of the algae that raised concerns a few days ago.

“I’ve talked to a few people about [the algae], they haven't seen anything and have not expressed a concern about it,” McCarter said.

The county issued a precautionary no-swim advisory for Peanut Island Friday; then quickly lifted it Saturday morning.

Andy Gonzalez heard about the algae, but said he didn't hesitate to bring out his boat today.

“No worries, you're out there on the water with your friends, just having a good time,” he explained.

Gonzalez agreed the crowd is smaller than normal for the 4th, but he doesn't think algae's the reason.

“The weather isn't that great either, so there is a lot of variables,” he said pointing to the overcast sky.

One thing was very obvious: several law enforcement agencies cruised around Peanut Island-
keeping an eye on the people in the water and behind the wheel. 

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