Commissioners reject plan for bleach facility in Riviera Beach

Posted at 7:37 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 23:42:27-05

UPDATE: Riviera Beach city council voted to oppose the proposed bleach storage facility plan in Riviera Beach. 


A Tampa based company is defending it’s decision to put a bleach storage facility in one Riviera Beach neighborhood, as that neighborhood fights back.
Patrick Allman with Odyssey Manufacturing says it's all about three words - location, location, location. 
“This is the only site between Indiantown and Fort Lauderdale on the CSX line that was available that had active service from CSX,” he says.
That's why his company is proposing the bleach storage facility adjacent to the Stonybrook Apartments on MLK Boulevard.
The facility would house eight 40,000 gallon tanks of bleach on about 4 acres of property.
The move has been met by opposition and protests from residents, but he says it shouldn't be.
“First, we're going to be bringing 25 jobs to the community. Second, we're going to be increasing the local tax base by about $200,000 a year,” he says.
As for whether or not it's dangerous....
“This is bleach, ok?” Allman says. “So a lot of those residents unfortunately are equating this with chlorine. It's not chlorine, it's not a gas.” 
For neighbors we spoke to, however, it's not enough to ease their concerns. 
“You can't necessarily always believe what companies say,” says resident Carmen Wilkins. "Things they consider safe you find out many layers later that it was very hazardous to our health.
“All it takes is one accident,” says resident Audie Wilson. “Before the next thing you know we have an issue and a crisis over here in our area.”
“It's not your neighborhood, you don't stay here,” said one resident, who goes by Mojo. “So why would you put something in the neighborhood that the neighborhood doesn't want.”

Last month, the city zoning board shot down approval of the plan.

Wednesday night, city staff is bringing the proposal before the city council for approval. 

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