Trump's Thanksgiving in Palm Beach may cause traffic delays

Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 06:55:20-05

President-elect Donald Trump's Thanksgiving plans could affect yours too.

Trump is expected to arrive in Palm Beach County Tuesday and spend the holiday at Mar-a-Lago and he's expected to bring traffic back-ups with him.

When the President-elect lands, former FBI Agent and CEO of Jenkins Group, a private security firm, Chad Jenkins says Palm Beach International Airport will likely temporarily halt airplane traffic. Then, Jenkins says getting Trump to his home will cause more delays, likely on Interstate 95 and Southern Boulevard.

"From Palm Beach International to Mar-a-Lago, that route will be cleared, shut down, and then a quick sweep to make sure there's no danger areas for the Secret Service."

Jenkins says other blockades could pop up across the county in the next few days as well.

"We have to remember he has Trump International (near PBIA) and then Trump National in Jupiter off of Donald Ross, so three major locations here in Palm Beach County that he traveled to and frequented a bit while he was just Mr. Trump," Jenkins said. "Now, being president-elect Trump, soon to be President Trump, I don't know that he won't visit those places as well."

Local police, deputies and Florida Highway Patrol will assist Secret Service during Trump's visit. Palm Beach Town Manager Tom Bradford says police can't discuss when or where Trump will be traveling while in the area. But, he says a command post will be set up at Mar-a-Lago for added security while Trump is in town.

The FAA has also set airspace restrictions over Mar-a-Lago for the time Trump is in town. Only military, law enforcement and ambulance flights or flights already scheduled to go through Palm Beach International Airport will be allowed. If Mar-a-Lago is in their flight path, they'll have to detour.

The flight restrictions are set to be lifted on Friday, so it's expected Trump will only be in town until then.