President-elect Donald Trump back at Palm Beach estate for the holidays

Posted at 7:38 AM, Dec 18, 2016

Donald Trump is settling in at his home on Palm Beach for the holidays. The President-elect is keeping with tradition and will stay at his Mar-a-Lago estate through the New Year.

Trump touched down at Palm Beach International around 7:30 p.m. Saturday. He and his motorcade then made their way across the bridge to his home.

For about three hours, Matthew Calise spent his evening awaiting the next president at the airport.

As a ninth grader from Seminole Ridge High School, Calise is interested in politics and aviation, "Since I was young, I've always had a passion to fly."

Saturday, he and others watching the skies got what appears to be a reoccurring theme.

"I think it's very cool to say that we have a President of the United States that lives in Palm Beach,” Calise said.

Along with Trump's visits will come the road closures and tightened security.

Each time the President-elect lands, there will be some delays in the sky and on the ground. Around Mar-a-Lago, the Coast Guard is restriction boating traffic on the Intracoastal Waterway and on the ocean.

Traffic will also be restricted if Trump decides to leave the property.

Enthusiast like Calise say the inconvenience is a small price to pay to see history in the making.


During the five or so days Trump spent at Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the agency handling most of the security, racked up a bill of about $250,000. The sheriff says they are looking to be reimbursed by the feds for the expense. The cost is expected to be heftier this time around, since Trump will likely be on Palm Beach through at least the first of the year.