State promises changes at Congress Avenue I-95 exit in Boca Raton

Posted at 5:56 PM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 08:54:54-04

Only two weeks ago, FDOT told NewsChannel 5 it planned to make changes to the Congress Avenue overpass intersection. The changes were promised in the wake of two big-rig crashes, one in August, and one in March.

Those changes included new signs, large, yellow-reflective signs that would clearly express there was a right turn ahead.

Those signs would be placed at the median; a median that several trucks have plowed through in the last year.

FDOT also planned to paint the curb at the median yellow, so lights will hit it.

"Feel it's properly marked right now, but to avoid any confusion, we are going to add some additional signs on the interstate," said FDOT spokesperson Chuck McGuinness on March 29.

But the question now, after another accident at this intersection, is whether it is properly marked?

Video from Chopper 5 shows traffic headed up the exit ramp toward Congress.  In the video, several right arrows are painted on the road.

But there's also one huge white arrow directing traffic to go straight. And only the straight arrow has reflectors to be seen in darkness.

The three crashes involving tractor trailers all happened before sunrise.

In 2008, there used to be a sign directing traffic to turn right, with a 10 mph speed limit alongside the exit, as shown in a picture on Google Earth.

For some unknown reason, that sign is no longer there. FDOT told Contact 5 it plans to put a new one up.

Contact 5 asked FDOT about all of the above, including the Google Earth photos. They said "The existing signs and pavement markings meet current design criteria. We are installing additional pavement markings on the exit that will say "EXIT ONLY". Additional signs on the ramp will show right turn and reduced speed. Also, the curb edge of the median on Congress at the top of the exit ramp will be painted yellow and right turn signs will be added to the existing reflective delineator poles on the median to reinforce motorist attention to  the  physical median."

FDOT says it just finished working on the contract for the work. It does not have an exact start date.

Widow Remembers Killed Tow Truck Driver

The widow of Richard Randolph said Wednesday that her husband was thorough in his work and never took risks.

Judy Randolph said he was a veteran in the business and always took safety protocols into account.

FHP says Richard Randolph was trying to secure the semi when he fell off the overpass.

"He was the best at what he did and he loved his job and loved the people he worked for. They're a wonderful family," said Judy Randolph.

Richard, an employee with Emerald Towing in Pompano Beach, was close to retirement before the tragedy.

The company suffered another loss in 2012 when an employee was killed on the side of the road while assisting the Florida Highway Patrol.