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'Impeachment March' brings hundreds to Mar-a-Lago on first anniversary of President's inauguration

Posted at 1:40 PM, Jan 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-21 10:15:29-05

Exactly one year after his inauguration, President Donald Trump remains a polarizing figure in American Politics.

Those viewpoints clashed on Palm Beach Saturday. 

Protestors from all over the state and as far away as California joined hundreds locally for a march towards Mar-a-Lago in a so called ‘Impeachment March’

A police barrier ultimately stopping them from making it all the way.

The entire time, the protestors’ voices were just as loud as their signs. 

"A racist, misogynist - read the list, I ran out of spaces on my poster," said protestor Robin Ponce as she held up her sign. 

"He does not represent all of the people that live in this great nation," fellow protestor Guithele Ruiz-Nicoles said. 

"He’s only representing a small minority, and that is undemocratic," said Angela Dehart, who traveled all the way from California.

Mixed in with the protestors were a handful of Trump supporters, who also took to the streets. 

Those standing by the President Trump tell me his first year lived up to its billing. 

"Look at your paycheck, look at unemployment, look at the stock market, look at those kinda things," said Jim Craig, chairman of the Republican Party of Okeechobee County. 

"It’s really exciting to see the economy starting to come back to life under President Trump," says Ellie Hockenbury, a communications director for the Republican National Committee. 

Passion on both sides - as the first chapter of the Trump administration comes to a close.