Palm Beach leaders hold Zika forum

PALM BEACH, Fla -- Reports of locally transmitted cases of Zika in Miami-Dade and Broward have local communities thinking about prevention.

The Town of Palm Beach held a special town hall Wednesday with the goal was to make sure families there understand what they can do to protect themselves.

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The mosquito that can carry the Zika virus is found here in South Florida, and local leaders want to make sure you know the two main steps you can take to prevent the virus from spreading.

Palm Beach resident Gigi Tylander says she’s starting to have concerns about her children coming to visit.

“They’re coming from Denmark,” said Tylander. The reason she’s worried is the Zika virus. “They are of child baring age.”

She knows about the dangers the virus presents to pregnant women.

However, her concerns hit closer to home now that there have been confirmed cases of Zika locally acquired in South Florida.

“I’m just interested in concrete information that I can rely on.”

That's exactly why Gigi showed up at a Zika virus forum at Palm Beach Town Hall this morning.

A panel of medical and mosquito experts hosted the forum, giving community members the facts on Zika.

They also explained how people can help prevent it from spreading.

“This is not a mosquito that lives in ponds, doesn’t live in ditches. It doesn’t live in the puddle in the yard it relies on artificial containers,” explained Gary Goode, with Environmental Resources Management and the Mosquito Control Division for Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach leaders hope by spreading information, they can prevent the spread of Zika.

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