Supervised release for man who ran yacht aground on Palm Beach

Posted at 6:08 AM, Nov 07, 2016

A man accused of running his boat ashore in Palm Beach is put on supervised release following the introduction of new evidence.

Thomas Baker, 63, of Belle Isle, Fla., appeared before a Palm Beach County judge Monday. During the hearing, the state argued Baker violated his boating under the influence bond when he picked up another charge, leaving a derelict vessel on state waters. 

According to authorities, Baker told them he had been drinking Long Islands Ice Teas before running his 72-foot yacht aground.

The judge ultimately agreed with the state and ordered Baker to be put on supervised release and to undergo random drug and alcohol testing.

The incident happened two months ago, resulting in the boat sitting idle for days while volunteer groups worked to clean up the litter drifting from the yacht.

Right now Baker's case is in litigation, arguing it was Town of Palm Beach's responsibility to tow the boat since it was in their custody upon his arrest. That case is now in federal court.

The town doesn't comment on pending legal matters but does plan to fight it.